Hsinchu City, Taiwan, Jan. 6, 2021 — SecuX Technology Inc. is a Taiwan-based cryptocurrency hardware wallet provider with its owned technical design, product manufacturing, international marketing and sales distribution to the global online retail shops and some allied partners. Now SecuX STONE Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets add Buy Crypto feature on its Wallet Web App (My Wallet on SecuX official website) through Coinify.

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More and more crypto investors start realizing that they have to store their crypto-assets in a hardware wallet if they want to avoid any cyber or physical attack from the crackers. However, in a normal situation, they have to create an account on an Exchange first, buy the crypto coins/tokens and save it in their account on this exchange (hot wallet), then transact to their hardware wallet offline to be away from being stolen! …

Hsinchu, Taiwan, December 9th 2020 — SecuX Technology Inc., a blockchain security company, is happy to launch the co-branding partnership with a Brazilian company KriptoBR. A dedicated Booting Logo “Crypto2You” sub-branded by KriptoBR will pop up when booting the device, and a dedicated Sticker on the retail box as well.

There will be 200units limited editions only on the co-branded SecuX STONE W20 for those first come, first serve customers.

KriptoBR in the meantime, released a new website www.crypto2you.com to extend their brilliant services to Pan Latin American users and the customers from the US. …

HSINCHU, TAIWAN, Dec.10, 2020 — SecuX Technology Inc. is a blockchain technology company offering the world’s first payment terminal that natively designed for cryptocurrency. The company’s innovative STREAM Crypto Payment Solution is now tightly integrated with Facebook Diem. It will bring more cost-effective retail payment methods, create more innovative business opportunities, and speed up the development process of financial inclusion.

To let more business partners share its vision and experience these possibilities, the company is launching its Free Evaluation Program now. They invite payment service providers, FinTech professionals, IT managers in the retail industry, to experience how their solution works efficiently and easily with Diem coin. …

新竹,臺灣,2020年12月10日 — 安瀚科技(SecuX Technology Inc.)是一間以發展區塊鏈與安全技術為主的新創企業。安瀚於2020年初發表世界第一套原生支援加密貨幣的支付設備STREAM,為進一步推動STREAM與大型穩定幣Diem(臉書幣)緊密整合,安瀚現正推出支付解決方案免費試用活動專案。該專案計畫將限量免費送出STREAM相關設備與應用軟體,安瀚期待藉由支付解決方案免費試用活動專案讓全球金融科技企業充分體驗該方案如何與Diem結合創造更高成本效益的零售支付方式與商業機會,並實質協助金融普惠加快發展進程。


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追蹤 SecuX 社群網站:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/secuxtech/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/SecuXwallet/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/secuxtechnology
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/secuxtech/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/secuxvault
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfSfjbBHYgGIOcQJoB5hotQ

關於安瀚科技 (SecuX Technology Inc.)

安瀚科技 (SecuX Technology Inc.)區塊鏈安全的創新先驅者,致力提供新興區塊鏈技術解決方案的公司。成立於2018年,SecuX核心競爭力來自資安、區塊鏈技術、金融科技、電機工程及國際企業管理等專業領域成員實力堅強陣容。榮獲英國媒體CV Magazine頒發Best Cross-Platform Crypto Hardware Wallet之後,SecuX 推出全新整合的加密電子貨幣支付及加密貨幣硬體錢包解決方案,應用在各種離線交易使用情境。SecuX持續聚焦解決問題的能力,讓區塊鏈落地應用在實際的日常生活中。想了解更多資訊,歡迎參觀SecuX 官方網站:www.secuxtech.com

HSINCHU, TAIWAN, September 23, 2020 — SecuX Technology Inc. is a blockchain technology company launching two cryptocurrency hardware wallets, STONE W20 and STONE W10, brand-new package design with lightweight and environment-friendly packaging. The new design packaging box and devices are sealed with SecuX tamper-resistant labels.

Both of the new impregnable cryptocurrency hardware wallets, STONE W20 and STONE W10, have the device, a USB Type Micro-B connector, 2 Recovery Sheets, a Getting Started Guide and a pouch in new handy package. The SecuX STONE wallets are embedded with Secure Element chip to secure your private key and protect your digital assets from malicious attacks. They also feature Vault-grade Protection, Large 2.8” …

新竹,臺灣,2020年9月23日 — 安瀚科技(SecuX Technology Inc.),區塊鏈安全公司,正式發佈兩款加密貨幣硬體錢包STONE W20、STONE W10全新包裝設計上市,材質輕巧、環保友善的產品包裝設計。全新設計的產品包裝盒及設備均貼有防偽標貼。

全新堅不可催的STONE W20、STONE W10加密貨幣硬體錢包,便利的包裝盒內皆有一台設備、一條USB Type Micro-B 轉接線、2張恢復表、快速上手指南一冊及保護袋一個。SecuX STONE錢包內建Secure Element 安全晶片,可安全保護您的私鑰及數位資產避免受到惡意攻擊。這些錢包本身功能也具備金庫等級保護、2.8吋彩色觸控大螢幕、可擴充支援加密貨幣包含:比特幣(Bitcoin)、比特幣現金(Bitcoin Cash)、以太幣(Ethereum)、萊特幣(Litecoin)、瑞波幣(Ripple)、幣安幣(Binance coin)、恆星幣(Stellar)、達世幣(Dash)、狗狗幣(Doge)、極特幣(DigiByte)、Groestlecoin、ERC-20 Tokens以太坊代幣等等。

SecuX STONE W20特別支援藍牙低功耗,具備雙連接技術可透過USB或Bluetooth藍芽連接電腦,也可方便地透過Bluetooth藍芽連接智慧型手機。讓加密貨幣使用者可以隨時隨地進行安全交易。這款最佳的跨平台加密貨幣硬體錢包也支援主要的操作系統,使您方便地管理加密貨幣帳戶。

想了解更多關於SecuX STONE系列加密貨幣硬體錢包,請點這裡:https://secuxtech.com/hardware-wallet/

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SecuX STONE W20 加密貨幣硬體錢包 — 全新設計的產品包裝盒及設備均貼有防偽標貼

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SecuX Launches Payment Solution Ushering the Future of Facebook Diem in Offline Retail Payment


SecuX StreamPro Payment Terminal is natively designed for Facebook Diem coin and cryptocurrency. SecuX Payment Solution Free Evaluation that could be turning point for billions of people to accept payment in offline retail scenarios with secure and affordable payment service everywhere.


What For

● To experience how our solution, named SecuX Stream works efficiently with Diem

● To learn how easy to use SecuX Stream payment app development kit to implement your own payment Apps

What Included

● Payment Terminal — Native Design for Mobile Crypto…

SecuX Author: K. Yang, CISO & CIO @ SecuX Technology, Inc. 安瀚科技股份有限公司

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Edge computing utilizes the distributed technology, including distributed networking, computing nodes, storage resources as well as hardware safety control units and technological integration present in devices and equipment. Devices or equipment for edge computing prioritize the processing of data or information from multiple end nodes or equipment and then send the data or information back to the cloud environment. Contrary to the traditional basic cloud computing environment, it uses the concept of the centralized computing environment in which all data are analyzed and processed on the cloud.

The cloud computing framework outperforms the traditional IT (Information Technology) framework in terms of data or information processing and analysis. Being able to centralize and distribute computational resources, it has proved to be a highly-efficient, reliable, and flexible basic information architecture regardless of the amount of financial and time costs invested and the system performance. There are certain differences between edge computing infrastruture and cloud computing infrastructures. But through strategic integration, it can be implemented onto traditional basic cloud infrastructure for new generation products and information for a complementary affect. …

SecuX Author: K. Yang, CISO & CIO @ SecuX Technology, Inc. 安瀚科技股份有限公司

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邊緣計算 (Edge Computing) 採用分散式技術,包括:分散式網路、計算結點、儲存資源、也包括裝置或設備中的硬體安全控制元件與技術整合。邊緣計算裝置或設備,將優先處理來自多重終端結點或設備的資料或資訊並再回傳雲計算環境。而傳統的雲端運算基礎環境則相反,它採用集中式運算環境概念,所有資料直接由雲端進行分析或處理。

雲計算架構相較於傳統資訊技術 (IT, Information Technology) 架構,在資料或資訊的處理與分析上更為優異,它可集中並分配計算資源,企業不論投入的成本、系統效能、及時間成本考量等,已證實是一個高效、可靠、且彈性的資 …

SecuX Author: K. Yang, CISO & CIO @ SecuX Technology, Inc. 安瀚科技股份有限公司

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After over a decade of development and evolution, the global blockchain ecosystem in 2020 now includes a multitlde of businesses and enterprises, for example, information system integrators, integrators of fintech, financial holdings, banks, life insurance companies, and other financial technology industries.

In addition, examples of the sectors related to the blockchain or cryptocurrency, or industries that have incorporated blockchain technology and achieved technological integration include Domestic and foreign cryptocurrency exchanges, cryptocurrency software, hardware wallets, healthcare, cashless payment, digital asset integrators, supply chains, logistic system companies, business services providers (hotels, restaurants, and other companies in the service industries), e-commerce (online shopping), innovation, media services, and businesses and industries that are prepared to achieve blockchain technology integration. …



SecuX Technology, Inc. offer world’s first integration of crypto hardware wallet & payment solution to ensure mankind enjoy blockchain technology safely.

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